Owner Update for Covid 19

Posted by Admin Admin on Wednesday, June 17th, 2020 at 9:14am.

On Wednesday, May 6, Governor Murphy extended his Emergency Order through the beginning of June, but he has allowed the individual counties and towns to determine their own policies regarding short term rentals. The Board of Chosen Freeholders of Cape May County has recommended the following:
As of Monday, May 11, 2020, rentals with a duration of over thirty days, including those to seasonal employees, would commence. Rentals of a duration of less than thirty days would begin on June 1, 2020.
As we draw closer to reopening and as restrictions are lifted, we have to prepare for the safety and well being of our vacation guests as well as ourselves. We, in conjunction with the other local Cape May Brokers, have been working closely together and with city, county and state officials to put a plan in place for summer rentals. Please refer to the comments below and contact us with any changes in your rental listing.
For your convenience, we have attached below the recommended guidelines from the CDC and Cape May County Department of Health for you to review and share with your cleaner. We are asking you to contact your cleaning company (if you haven't already) as it is important for you as the homeowner to discuss with your cleaners and property managers what cleaning products they will be using, what the change over procedure will look like, and have a clear plan for your changeover. Below are some of the things that we have discussed as a community. We hope they are helpful to you and your cleaners and will help us have a successful summer season. Please notify each renting office of any of these changes in writing so we can notify your tenants. 
a)      If a later check-in time is necessary to accommodate additional cleaning, contact your Brokers to discuss before extending the check-in time.
b)     Provide appropriate cleaning supplies and disinfectants so your guests can clean during their stay. (These items will need to be replenished as the season goes on, and may be in short supply locally. You may need to make arrangements to have items delivered to your property.)
c)      Discuss with your cleaning company what type of cleaners & disinfectants they will be using and insure they are CDC approved items.
d)     Discuss with your cleaning company whether items need to be removed from your home to make cleaning easier, i.e. decorations, throw pillows, etc. Also, please take stock of items that need replacing due to being worn, stained or broken. Each year guests are more and more demanding and are expecting hotel quality cleanliness and amenities.
e)      Consider removing decorative shams, throw pillows, etc. Use protective pillow and bed-covers that can be wiped down. Consider your blanket situation. Some owners have elected to use local linen services to provide clean blankets each week. This is something you may want to discuss with your cleaners.
f)      If you don't already have one, we suggest you develop a relationship with a handyman or maintenance service to take care of tenant issues. Due to social distancing and the safety of our staff, we will be unable enter properties ourselves to assist a tenant.
To maintain social distancing protocols, our offices are unable to allow guests to come into the office for check-in. As before, we will be doing curbside check-in and check-out for this summer. Also, we will be sanitizing keys in between check-out and check-in and/or using different sets each week. We will notify tenants that it is imperative to maintain strict check out times due to the additional time needed for cleaning measures. If possible, we are asking homeowners to ask their cleaners to notify you, the homeowner, when the cleaning is finished so that we may check-in your guests early to avoid delays and congestion later in the day.
Thank you for all your efforts, we are looking forward to summer and hope you are as well.

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